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Shop Continental Tires in Canada

Continental Tire was created with one goal in mind, to bring safety to the street without compromising on comfort. Founded in Germany, the company constantly develops expertise in mobility and transport. The company follows an impeccable standard and has first tread pattern tire invention to their credit.

In demand for their sustainability and ingenuity, Continental Tire is the fourth biggest tire manufacturer in the world. The company is the perfect choice for drivers who want control and the ability to stop the vehicle rapidly. Continental Tire specializes in braking ability and their tires brake faster. The company manufactures other automotive products including powertrain, chassis components, and brake systems.

Continental Tire is known for constantly improving their tire manufacturing and delivery systems, all for the benefits of the consumers. PartsEngine brings Continental products with a complete warranty.

Why choose Continental Tire?

Since 1995, Continental has been shaping the future of the automobile industry by presenting major new innovations for a safer and improved driving experience. A leading supplier of automotive parts and accessories, the company has over 87,000 employees in over 170 locations. The company has received high recommendations in many tests and has been voted as the top tire brand by many renowned car magazines.

The winter and summer tires by the company are rigorously tested under all kinds of weather and road surface. The ContiProContact by Continental Tire is an all-season range that's durable and offers better, faster breaking in any condition.

The innovative ContiSeal Technology by the company prevents tire puncture. Continental Tire is a leading choice for premium car companies like BMW and Audi as the company provides exceptional value, sustainability, and comfort.

Some popular product series offered by Continental tires are:

  1. Continental WinterContact
  2. Continental ContiSportContact
  3. Continental CrossContact
  4. Continental ExtremeContact
  5. Continental TerrainContact
  6. Continental Conti4x4Contact
  7. Continental ProContact

Continental products in Canada

PartsEngine is a proudly Canadian and is an authorized retailer of Continental products. As a result, you will receive the complete manufacturer's warranty when you order from us and that too at lower prices. Our customers enjoy free shipping without having to pay any duty or customs charges on the order. Our return policy provides full 365 days return on all products.