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  • Vehicle Specific
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Shop Dick Cepek Tires In Canada

If your driving involves any Off-Road activities such as sand-racing, rock-crawling or mud-plowing, Then you definitely need to have a quality set of Off Road truck tires installed on your vehicle. Most people believe that you need truck tires for better traction on rugged terrain, and general agreement suggests that larger tires translate to more traction. The Dick Cepek brand authentically represent off-roading spirit with quality and reliable products. They have dedicated a team to offer cutting-edge products for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs for greater outdoor adventure.

Dick Cepek Inc. was established in 1958 by Dick Cepek himself out of his passion for outdoor activities. Dick started first off-road retail shop of the brand in 1967. Where a large variety of off-road tires, wheels, and accessories were offered. Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels manufacture multiple product lines of All-Terrain, Mud-Tires: Extreme, Trail, and Fun. All these product lines have specific qualities suited for their intended use.

Dick Cepek Fun Country Tires

These were developed using unique techniques to deliver unmatched off-road traction, a smoother ride, and higher durability. A distinctive tread pattern, circumferential grooves, stone avoiding ribs, and a larger shoulder and sidewall design make this tire one of the best in the line. There are 20 popular sizes available in this product line. Major benefits include:

  1. Interlocking tread lugs have narrow sipes for complete grip.
  2. Wide evenly spaced tread grooves for a firm contact with changing terrain.
  3. Optimized pitch sequence of tread for quieter ride on the street.
  4. Reinforced sidewall with Dick Cepek alternating Sidebiters™ resulting in more puncture resistance.
  5. Newer compound with enhanced cut and chip protection.
  6. Mud and snow rating.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country Tires

These mud-terrain tires are equipped with a proven tread compound for enhanced traction, stable handling and quiet riding experience. They deliver a responsive grip on rugged surfaces. These are available in 25 popular sizes. There are certain unique benefits associated such as:

  1. Proven compound with additional tread depth for enhanced traction and longer life.
  2. Next Generation High Tensile (HT) Body Ply Cord for excellent sidewall strength without additional weight, thermal buildup.
  3. Tighter inner void and large surface area results in greater contact area for improved handling and less noisy travel.
  4. Mud and snow rating.

Dick Cepek Trail Country Tires

The Trail Country radials are true all-terrain, mud and snow rated meticulously engineered for harsh and unpredictable conditions like off-road environments. These are also suitable for street drive and deliver responsive handling and reduced wear rate. There is availability of 26 sizes within the product line. These have following distinct advantages.

  1. Ideally shaped, interlocking tread grooves resist stone accumulation and adjust the shape to accommodate surface changes.
  2. Five-rib pattern for even energy distribution across surface of the contact patch.
  3. Variable-groove pattern to keep water, mud, and snow off the tire.
  4. All the Dick Sepek products are available at Partengine with Free shipping across Canada and limited 365 days return warranty.