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Fuel Off-Road Wheels Products



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  • $151.00  -  $20,120.00
  • $20,121.00  -  $40,090.00
  • $40,091.00  -  $60,060.00
  • $60,061.00  -  $80,030.00
  • $80,031.00  -  $100,000.00

  • Vehicle Specific
  • Universal Fit

Shop Fuel Off-road Wheels In Canada

A great off-road experience comes from having a fully equipped off-roader, complete with ground clearance and a larger tire set. You just don't go off-road with stock tires. And large tire packages, in turn, call for wider wheels for optimal off-road experience. These specialized wheels are made of special alloys, making them unbreakable.

Off-road wheels make your ride look like a million bucks. Read on to find out some more benefits:

  1. Add to overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.
  2. Alloy wheels are coated with wheel coating to withstand extreme heat from repeated braking, something you do quite often when off road. The same coating also makes the wheels stain and contaminant resistant, something you could use while off-road. That means they’re relatively easy to clean.
  3. These can be color coordinated for a factory look.
  4. Off-road wheels offer better wheel articulation as compared to standard wheels.
  5. Off-road alloy wheels keep rusting and corrosion at bay. When you’re off pavement most of the times, repeated action of water and debris can rust and corrode even the toughest stock wheels but not these.
  6. Just switch to your wild side with your ride looking like a beast.

Parts Engine has the latest 2018 styles of FUEL Off-road Wheels along with the most popular styles till date, not to forget free shipping in Canada. You can select from Gloss Black, Matte Black, or Chrome finish in selected models. With these beautiful and tough off-road wheels, a second look is guaranteed. List of styles is as:

  1. FUEL Wheels Ambush
  2. FUEL Wheels Anza
  3. FUEL Wheels Assault (2018 style)
  4. FUEL Wheels Avenger (2018 style)
  5. FUEL Wheels Battle Axe
  6. FUEL Wheels Beast
  7. FUEL Wheels Contra (2018 style)
  8. FUEL Wheels Coupler
  9. FUEL Wheels Crush
  10. FUEL Wheels Diesel (2018 style)
  11. FUEL Wheels Enduro
  12. FUEL Wheels Full Blown
  13. FUEL Wheels Hardline (2018 style)
  14. FUEL Wheels Hostage (2018 style)
  15. FUEL Wheels JM2
  16. FUEL Wheels Krank
  17. FUEL Wheels Lethal
  18. FUEL Wheels Maverick