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  • Air Mattresses
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  • Bed Accessories
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  • Bike Rack & Carrier Accessories
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  • Bike Storage Systems
  • Camping Gears & Equipment
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  • Vehicle Specific
  • Universal Fit

Why Thule is the preferred carrier brand for outdoor sports?

When it comes to adventure sports, exclusivity matters. You can't just toss your valuable mountain bikes and kayaks in the back of your truck. You need specialized carriers, something that Thule is an expert at.

Thule presents a wide range of carriers designed for extreme adventure sports. Depending upon the various sports, there are designated carriers for bikes, snowboards, etc.

Partsengine offers great deals on specified Thule carriers for all your adventure sport needs. Here's a quick review of available Thule carriers according to the equipment they're meant for.


Partsengine offers great deals on specified Thule carriers for all your adventure sport needs. Here's a quick review of available Thule carriers according to the equipment they're meant for.

Apart from rear mounted, roof mounted variants are also available. They can be Fork Mounted or Pivoted Fork Mounted depending upon the type of bike you're carrying. In some roof mounted carriers, you'll have to temporary remove front wheel. Thule Fat Tire Kit can hold front and rear tires of bikes with big tire packages. The most popular Thule bike carriers include:

  1. Thule T2 Classic Hitch Mounted Platform Bike Carriers (with extended add-ons)
  2. Thule Vertex Hitch Mounted Tilt Arm Bike Carriers
  3. Thule Parkway Hitch Mounted Tilt Arm Bike Carriers
  4. Thule Helium Aero Bike Carriers
  5. Thule Apex Hitch Mounted Swing Bike Carriers
  6. Thule Gateway Rear Mounted Bike Carrier
  7. Thule Spare Me Spare Tire Mounted Bike Carrier
  8. Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Mounted Bike Carrier
  9. Thule Prologue Roof Mounted Bike Carrier
  10. Thule ThruRide Roof Mounted Bike Carrier
  11. Thule Sidearm Roof Mounted Bike Carrier
  12. Thule Criterium Roof Mounted Bike Carrier
  13. Thule Wheel-On Wheel Carrier (roof mounted)
  14. Thule Fat Tire Kit
  15. Thule EasyFold Hitch Mounted Platform Bike Carrier
  16. Thule Apex Hitch Mounted Tilt Arm Bike Carrier


Thule presents a special line of carriers designed to secure kayaks on the roof of your truck or car. Some variants like Hull-a-Port Kayak Carrier can carry only one kayak. On the other hand, some carriers like Stacker Kayak Carrier can carry a whopping 4 kayaks. Refer to the kayak width and weight chart before choosing the one for yourself. Here are the popular Thule kayak carriers:

  1. Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier
  2. Thule Hull-a-Port Kayak Carrier
  3. Thule The Stacker Kayak Carrier
  4. Thule Top Deck Kayak Carrier

Snowboards and Skis

Snowboards and Skis being thin are rather tricky to carry. Snowboard and ski carriers by Thule are equipped with Speedlink Hardware for secure mounting and a set of locks for securing snowboards and Skis in place. Telescopic arms allow for easy loading and unloading of equipment, even with gloves on. You can even transform your bike carrier into a ski or snowboard carrier with Thule Tram Ski and Snowboard Carrier Adaptor. Widely used snowboard and ski carriers by Thule include:

  1. Thule Universal Snowboard Carrier
  2. Thule Hull-a-Port Kayak Carrier
  3. Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carriers

Cargo Carriers

These are the two most commonly used Thule Cargo Carriers:

  1. Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag
  2. Thule Transporter Combi Hitch Cargo Carrier

All Thule products are engineered from sturdy, lightweight material and some of them carry a limited lifetime warranty. Partsengine has the best collection of Thule carriers with free shipping across Canada. Pay us a visit before you go mountain biking for a snag free and more enjoyable experience.