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    Shop Custom Car Covers In Canada

    If your car mostly stays outdoor, everyday cleaning is not just enough. Your car needs added exterior protection in the form of custom car covers.

    Custom fit car covers easily available for different makes and models of cars at Parts Engine. It's not a good idea to shy away from using a car cover as it offers various benefits, like:

    Dust Resistant:
    Good quality custom car covers are made of non-woven polypropylene that leaves little room for dust to settle on car surface. This feature ultimately results in protection from minor dents, dings, and scratches. We all know that fine scratches and dents are so hard and expensive to fix. Windscreen scratches can obstruct clear vision by scattering light. A custom car cover provides complete protection from dust damage.

    Water Protection:
    If you thought water is harmless, think again. Water droplets may cause more damage than you can imagine. With particulate matter of all sizes suspended in air, rain droplets become a concoction of petroleum and factory pollution, small and large sized dust particles, soot from exhaust, road salts, and more unimaginable things.
    All these ingredients result in rain drops having an acidic pH. When this acidic water sits on the car surface, it can lead to water spot etching which is harder to remove and may require deep polishing, ruining clear coat.
    The best guard against water damage is a custom car cover lined with a layer of water resistant fabric.

    Discourages Theft:
    A thief is less likely to attempt theft of a covered car. The simple reason being limited time availability. Car cover conceals your vehicle, thus keeping it off a thief’s radar.

    Protects from Nature:
    Nature is beautiful but your car may feel otherwise. With debris, plant sap, bird droppings decorating your car, you may look forward to some serious damage. The only way out is a good quality custom car cover.

    Custom fit car covers are preferred over universal sizes owing to the following reasons:

    1. ? Custom fit looks good.

    2. ? It doesn't get swayed away by high speed winds.

    3. ? There are no unnecessary gaps that may allow entry of dust, debris, and small animals like rodents looking for a cozy place.

    4. ? Gives close to the surface protection.

    Parts Engine offers a large variety of custom car covers for SUV, Jeep, sedan, and wagon, along with free shipping across Canada. Choose the ones having multiple polypropylene layers and a water resistant layer, while keeping breathability intact, that's basically all the car covers on Parts Engine.