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  • Vehicle Specific
  • Universal Fit



    • Blue Ox
    • Curt
    • Draw-Tite
    • Husky Towing
    • Pro Series
    • Reese
    • Tekonsha
    • Westin


    • $25.00  -  $453.00
    • $454.00  -  $882.00
    • $883.00  -  $1,311.00
    • $1,312.00  -  $1,740.00
    • $1,741.00  -  $2,169.00

    • Vehicle Specific
    • Universal Fit

    Shop Trailer Brake Controllers In Canada

    After obtaining additional hauling power, it's essential to know when to stop. Trailer Brake Controllers act as an intermediary between your vehicle and your trailer's braking system, helping you manage your speed while towing. At Partsengine, we offer a wide selection of brake controllers from leading brands such as Curt, Draw-tite, Reese, and Tekonsha, to name a few. Our towing experts can help you find the right brake controller for your specific needs. Some of the advantages of using brake controllers include:

    1. Improved braking control: Brake controllers provide greater control over your trailer's braking system, allowing you to brake more efficiently, safely, and smoothly.
    2. Reduced risk of accidents: By having better control over your trailer's brakes, you reduce the risk of accidents, especially in emergency situations.
    3. Longer brake life: Brake controllers help prolong the lifespan of your brakes by reducing wear and tear, as well as minimizing the risk of overheating.
    4. Increased fuel efficiency: Efficient braking means you can save on fuel costs by reducing the drag on your vehicle while towing.
    5. Better handling: By ensuring your trailer is braking effectively, you'll enjoy better handling and stability while towing.

    At Partsengine, our towing experts are always ready to help you find the right brake controller for your specific towing needs. With our vast selection of top-quality brands, including Hellwing Products, Curt, Draw-tite, Reese, and Tekonsha, we offer only the best in the market. Don't wait any longer - upgrade your towing experience today with a Trailer Brake Controller from Partsengine!