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    • Addictive Desert Designs
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    • Bushwacker
    • Crown
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    • Dee Zee
    • DV8 Offroad
    • Enthuze
    • FabFours
    • Ford Performance
    • Go Rhino
    • Holley
    • ICON Vehicle Dynamics
    • Iron Cross Automotive
    • Luverne
    • MBRP
    • N-FAB
    • Paramount Automotive
    • Putco
    • Rampage
    • Ranch Hand
    • Rancho
    • Raptor Series
    • Rigid Industries
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    • Roush Performance
    • Rugged Ridge
    • Smittybilt
    • Spyder Auto
    • Teraflex
    • TrailFX
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    • Westin


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    • Vehicle Specific
    • Universal Fit

    Choosing the right Off-Road Aftermarket Bumper

    When you're installing an aftermarket bumper on your off-roader, look isn’t the only thing that matters. Every bumper is built for a different requirement. Going just by the looks of it is a regrettable decision.

    Different types of aftermarket bumpers are designed to vary in looks as well as functionality. Before making a purchase, determine the functions you're looking for and if the one you're buying really serves its purpose.

    In a nutshell, off-road bumpers can be classified into following categories:

      Stinger bumpers are specially designed for steep terrains. It comprises of a protruding tubular stinger mounted on the main bumper body. Stinger bumper provides a leverage point when your truck is about to nosedive, preventing it from rolling-over on a steep slope. Stinger bumpers are mainly used on the front end of trucks or SUVs.

      Heavy-duty bumpers are mostly built for protection of front and rear end of full-sized pickups and SUVs. Made from heavy gauge steel, it further increases overall vehicular weight. A typical heavy-duty bumper wraps around to meet fenders and has ample room for heavy-duty winches to be mounted on the front.

      Tubular bumper is the lightweight version of heavy-duty bumpers. Thick steel tubes are arranged to create a barrier, spanning the width of front/rear end of the vehicle. Front ones are designed to accommodate a winch, giving your truck a more aggressive look.

      Pre-Runner bumpers are built for high performance. They’re made of lightweight tubular steel bars, arranged in a minimalistic design that extends around the front and rear end of your truck. The low-key design of Pre-Runner bumpers provides front and rear end protection with high ground clearance.

      Modular bumper is a heady mix of looks and performance. It can be customized by adding brush guards, push bars, skid plates, etc. while most of them can accommodate winches and off-road lights.
      They’re available in different lengths and can be accessorized as permitted by the individual manufacturer.

    Depending on preferred tire package and ground clearance, bumpers are of following types:

    1. • Full-Width Bumpers: They’re designed to accommodate stock sized or slightly larger tire packages and offer low ground clearance.
    2. • Mid-Width Bumpers: They’re suitable for slightly oversized tires and mid-range ground clearance. With Mid-Width Bumpers, you can get started with suspension modifications.
    3. • Stubby Bumpers: They’re the shortest set of bumpers. Stubby bumpers can accommodate insanely large tire packages, offering a greater ground clearance in the process. You can also add significant suspension upgrades with stubby bumpers in place.

    Benefits of an aftermarket bumper installation:

    1. • They can accommodate large off-road tire packages.
    2. • Direct bolt-on bumpers are easy to install.
    3. • Offers additional protection to front and rear end of vehicles, including grill and lights.
    4. • Complements the aggressive look of your truck.
    5. • Lightweight steel body is tough and durable, lasting for years on end.

    The key is to find the ideal bumper for your ride. Find all the leading North American manufacturers under a single roof, only at Parts Engine. Lowest prices guaranteed along with free shipping anywhere in Canada.