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    • 720Form Wheels
    • Advanti Racing
    • Adventus Wheels
    • American Force Wheels
    • American Racing Wheels
    • Apex Wheels
    • Art Replica Wheels
    • Asanti Wheels
    • ATX Series Wheels
    • Axe Wheels
    • Ballistic Wheels
    • BBS Wheels
    • Beyern Wheels
    • Black Rhino Wheels
    • Blackhorn Wheels
    • Bold Off-Road Wheels
    • Braelin Wheels
    • Bravado Wheels
    • Cali Off-Road Wheels
    • Ceco Wheels
    • Coventry Wheels
    • Cray Wheels
    • DAI Wheels
    • Deutschman Design Wheels
    • Dick Cepek
    • Dirty Life Wheels
    • DTD 2009
    • DUB Wheels
    • Enkei Wheels
    • Enthuze
    • EURO DESIGN Wheels
    • Fairway Alloys
    • Fast Wheels
    • Fittipaldi Wheels
    • Foose Wheels
    • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
    • FX Wheels
    • Genius Wheels
    • Ghost Wheels
    • GRID Wheels
    • Helo Wheels
    • Hostile Wheels
    • HRE Wheels
    • Ion Wheels
    • Ixion Wheels
    • Kansei Wheels
    • KMC Wheels
    • Konig Wheels
    • Krank Wheels
    • Kraze Wheels
    • Level 8 Wheels
    • Lorenzo Wheels
    • LRG
    • Lumarai Wheels
    • MAK Wheels
    • Mamba Wheels
    • Mandrus Wheels
    • Mayhem Wheels
    • Mazzi Wheels
    • Mickey Thompson
    • Motegi Racing Wheels
    • Moto Metal Wheels
    • MSA Wheels
    • Niche Wheels
    • OE Creations Wheels
    • Ohm Wheels
    • OZ-Sparco Wheels
    • Panther Wheels
    • Petrol Wheels
    • Phatfux Wheels
    • Primax Wheels
    • Pro Comp
    • Raceline wheels
    • RBP
    • Redbourne Wheels
    • Replika Wheels
    • Ridler Wheels
    • Rim Alloy Canada
    • RNB Wheels
    • Rotiform Wheels
    • RTX
    • Ruff Wheels
    • Ruffino HARD Wheels
    • Ruffino Wheels
    • Sacchi Wheels
    • Shelby Razor Wheels
    • Status Wheels
    • Steel-Acier Wheels
    • Superspeed Wheels
    • Titan Wheels
    • Touren Wheels
    • TSW Wheels
    • Tuff Wheels
    • Ultra Wheels
    • US MAG Wheels
    • Victor Equipment
    • Vision Wheels
    • Vorsteiner Wheels
    • Vossen Wheels
    • Wildland - Wheels
    • XD Series Wheels
    • XO Luxury Wheels
    • YKW Wheels


    • $43.00  -  $1,206.00
    • $1,207.00  -  $2,370.00
    • $2,371.00  -  $3,534.00
    • $3,535.00  -  $4,698.00
    • $4,699.00  -  $5,862.00

    • Vehicle Specific
    • Universal Fit

    Shop Performance Wheels and Off-Road Wheels in Canada

    Looking to give your vehicle a personalized touch? Look no further than custom wheels from PartsEngine. Our vast selection of off-road and high-performance wheels will give your ride the desired style and performance. Choose from a range of finishes such as Chrome, Satin Black, and Machined Accents to suit your unique taste and lifestyle.

    At PartsEngine, we only carry the latest custom wheels from globally recognized brands like KMC, Mickey Thompson, FUEL, LRG, and ULTRA WHEEL. You can shop with confidence knowing these wheels have been engineered to handle the toughest challenges with ease.

    Advantages of Custom Wheels:

    1. Improved Performance: Custom wheels offer better handling, acceleration, and braking, giving you a smoother and safer ride.
    2. Enhanced Style: Custom wheels provide a personalized touch to your vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd and enhancing its overall appearance.
    3. Better Fitment: Custom wheels are specifically designed for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit that improves handling and reduces wear and tears on your tires.
    4. Increased Resale Value: Custom wheels can increase the resale value of your vehicle by giving it a unique look and improving its performance.
    5. More Options: With a variety of finishes and designs to choose from, custom wheels offer endless possibilities to make your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind.

    Custom wheels are an excellent way to take your vehicle's style and performance to the next level, and PartsEngine is your go-to destination for the latest and greatest in high-performance and off-road wheels. With a wide selection of finishes, including Chrome, Satin Black, and Machined Accents, you're sure to find the perfect match to suit your unique taste and lifestyle.

    We're proud to offer a range of custom wheels from top global brands like KMC, Mickey Thompson, FUEL, LRG, and ULTRA WHEEL, so you can shop with the confidence that you're getting the best quality wheels on the market.

    The advantages of custom wheels are numerous, including improved performance, enhanced style, better fitment, increased resale value, and more options than you can imagine. When you upgrade your wheels with PartsEngine, you're not just making a statement; you're investing in a safer, smoother, and more personalized driving experience.

    So why wait? Browse our selection of custom wheels today and start transforming your vehicle into the envy of the road. With PartsEngine, the possibilities are endless, and the results are always stunning.