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  • Vehicle Specific
  • Universal Fit



    • Access Cover
    • Aries
    • B & W Trailer Hitches
    • Backrack
    • Dee Zee
    • FabFours
    • Iron Cross Automotive
    • Lund International
    • Putco
    • Road Armor
    • TrailFX
    • Westcan Manufacturing
    • Westin


    • $65.00  -  $321.00
    • $322.00  -  $578.00
    • $579.00  -  $835.00
    • $836.00  -  $1,092.00
    • $1,093.00  -  $1,349.00

    • Vehicle Specific
    • Universal Fit

    Shop Headache Racks in Canada

    A headache rack is a misnomer since it relieves you from the headache of safely securing your cargo at the back of your truck. Every commercial pickup truck needs to have a headache rack. Many truckers do not recognize its significance until they have to transport difficult cargo and subsequently worry throughout the journey.

    Investing in a high-quality headache rack has several advantages, such as:

    1. Tough and Lightweight: Most high-quality headache racks are both tough and lightweight, making them appropriate for long-term use. They are ideal for extreme usage and can be used all year without a decrease in performance. They are also lightweight, so they do not impact the overall load capacity of the truck, maintaining fuel economy and exerting minimal pressure on the cargo.
    2. Durable: Headache racks are designed to be durable and are ideal for a wide range of applications and any cargo.
    3. Rear Window or Cab Protection: A headache rack with a mesh or grill design for the rear window protects it from the impact of sudden braking.
    4. Versatile: A headache rack provides the necessary anchor to transport anything that cannot fit inside the back of a truck.
    5. Affordable and Easy to Install: Buying a truck rack is a cost-effective solution that offers peace of mind, and headache racks often require minimal or no drilling during installation, making the truck ready for cargo loading in no time.
    6. Enhances the Look of Any Pickup: Truck racks improve the appearance of pickups while also preventing the unnecessary replacement of the rear window.
    7. Improves Work Efficiency: With a headache rack, you can drive faster without worrying about bulky cargo, improving time management and on-time delivery.

    PartsEngine offers a wide selection of headache racks suitable for commercial use. With well-known North American brands such as BackRack, Westcan, Aries, Go Rhino, and Husky Liners available under a single roof, Parts Engine offers free shipping and the lowest prices in the market.