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    • ANZO USA
    • Enthuze
    • FabFours
    • Iron Cross Automotive
    • Oracle Lighting
    • Paramount Automotive
    • Putco
    • Rampage
    • Rancho
    • Recon
    • Rough Country
    • Rugged Ridge
    • Spyder Auto
    • Westin


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    • $86.00  -  $109.00
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    • $134.00  -  $157.00
    • $158.00  -  $181.00

    • Vehicle Specific
    • Universal Fit

    Shop 3rd Brake Light In Canada

    A third brake light, installed at the rear of a vehicle, is an additional warning signal that illuminates when you apply brakes, typically mounted on the back window or spoiler. Its primary function is to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions by signaling drivers behind you to brake. Though now a standard safety feature in many modern vehicles, it is still a valuable addition to vehicles without one.

    When selecting a third brake light, it is essential to choose a high-quality brand to ensure performance and reliability. PartsEngine's inventory includes a range of reputable brands like Putco, Rancho, and Anzo USA known for their high-quality and dependability.

    Upgrading to a top-quality third brake light can offer a host of benefits for vehicle owners. Not only does it improve safety by providing an additional warning signal to other drivers, but it can also enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle. Additionally, modern third brake lights often utilize LED technology, which is highly efficient, reducing the vehicle's energy consumption.

    1. Third brake lights provide an extra level of safety by alerting drivers behind you when you apply the brakes
    2. Reduces the risk of rear-end collisions, which can lead to costly repairs and injuries
    3. Upgrading to a high-quality third brake light can enhance the look of your vehicle, making it more attractive and visually appealing
    4. LED technology used in modern third brake lights is highly efficient, which can lead to reduced energy consumption and cost savings

    Investing in a high-quality third brake light is a great way to boost your vehicle's safety and style. At PartsEngine, we offer top-quality brands like Putco, Rancho, and Anzo USA to ensure you get a reliable and high-performance product. Don't settle for a subpar third brake light – choose PartsEngine to upgrade your vehicle's safety and appearance. Our selection of superior quality third brake lights guarantees peace of mind and reduced risk of rear-end collisions. So, why wait? Visit PartsEngine and browse our top-quality selection to find the best third brake light for your vehicle today!