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Covercraft SeatSaver Custom True Timber 3rd Row Seat Covers

Covercraft SeatSaver Custom True Timber 3rd Row Seat Covers

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$142.84 CAD - $288.35 CAD

Covercraft SeatSaver Custom True Timber 3rd Row Seat Covers

Shop Covercraft Car Covers & Seat Covers In Canada

Established in 1965, Covercraft has become an expert in manufacturing high-quality protection products for the automobile industry. They are known for high quality, robust products, and modern designs. Whether you are looking for a custom-pattern cover for your sports car, street rod or any other vehicle, Covercraft has got you covered!

Over the years, Covercraft has expanded greatly offering automotive accessories including seat protectors, floor mats, dash covers, tailgate nets, windshield sunscreens, tire covers, and other special protection. PartsEngine is an authorized Covercraft retailer and carries the complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada. If you buy Covercraft products from us, you can rest assured that your product will come with complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty.

Why choose Covercraft?

The dedicated employees at Covercraft achieve the highest standards by adopting cutting-edge techniques and using the finest materials for product manufacturing. Company’s manufacturing units in Texas, Mexico, and Australia cater to a diverse clientele. The companies are ISO certified guaranteeing highest quality manufacturing standards.

Covercraft products are made of the finest quality materials assuring durability and practicality. The superior quality fabric and the wide color selections make the company a global leader in manufacturing custom-patterned vehicle covers with over 80,000 patterns in their library.

The experience has earned Covercraft a distinction of the world's most esteemed names in car covers. Covercraft has numerous accolades in the industry. Some of these include prestigious recognitions by the world's premier automakers including Ford Motor Company.

Covercraft products in Canada

PartsEngine is a proudly Canadian authorized retailer of Covercraft products. As a result, you will receive the complete manufacturer's warranty when you order from us and that too at lower prices. Our customers enjoy free shipping without having to pay any duty or customs charges on the order. Our return policy provides full 365 days return on all products.

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