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Cray Wheels ASTORIA High Gloss Gunmetal - PartsEngine Canada

Cray Wheels ASTORIA High Gloss Gunmetal

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  Cray Wheels ASTORIA High Gloss Gunmetal SKU Listing / Specs

- - Part # Stock Price Diameter Width Bolt Pattern Offset Bore Load Rating
1810CRT375121G70 5 $ 345 18in 10in 5 x 120.65 ET37 70.3mm 1250lb
1890CRT505121G70 $ 328 18in 9in 5 x 120.65 ET50 70.3mm 1250lb
1895CRT565121G70 $ 337 18in 9.5in 5 x 120.65 ET56 70.3mm 1250lb
1910CRT375121G70 $ 406 19in 10in 5 x 120.65 ET37 70.3mm 1250lb
1905CRT655121G70 $ 411 19in 10.5in 5 x 120.65 ET10 70.3mm 1250lb
1911CRT765121G70 $ 423 19in 11in 5 x 120.65 ET76 70.3mm 1250lb
1912CRT415121G70 $ 440 19in 12in 5 x 120.65 ET41 70.3mm 1250lb
1990CRT505121G70 $ 393 19in 9in 5 x 120.65 ET50 70.3mm 1250lb
1995CRT565121G70 $ 398 19in 9.5in 5 x 120.65 ET56 70.3mm 1250lb
2005CRT655121G70 $ 480 20in 10.5in 5 x 120.65 ET65 70.3mm 1250lb
2011CRT765121G70 $ 488 20in 11in 5 x 120.65 ET76 70.3mm 1250lb
2012CRT415121G70 $ 513 20in 12in 5 x 120.65 ET41 70.3mm 1250lb

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Cray Wheels designs and manufactures excessive-overall performance custom wheels exclusively to healthy Corvette motors. Cray Corvette Custom wheels - huge diameters and very wide widths. Our wheels are made especially to in shape Corvettes and only Corvettes. Corvette owners are renown for his or her pressure to customize their automobiles, so that no ‘Vettes, it appears, ought to probably be equal. Indeed, Chevrolet fuels this pursuit with a stupefying quantity of alternatives and provider-mounted add-ons. Cray Corvette Aftermarket Wheels feeds this desire with numerous specific variants in their beguiling Scorpion, Manta and Hawk Corvette wheels, inventive statements that permit owners to reap one-of-a-type look

Cray wheels are designed especially and solely to in shape the Corvette and take their proposal from the Corvette’s particular, sleek and aerodynamic pose. Thus, both Scorpion or Manta fashions in gloss black, in chrome or in hyper silver with a machined-cut lip, or the brand new Hawk version in matte black, gloss black with a chrome stainless lip or silver with a machined face and chrome stainless lip are the perfect supplement to this iconic, basically American supercar.

Cray Wheels Products in Canada

PartsEngine is an authorized Cray Wheels retailer. If you buy products from us, you can rest assured that your product will come with complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty. We are revolutionizing the Canadian market by bringing leading-edge accessories for automobiles online. PartsEngine provides free shipping, no duty or custom fees, and 365 days return policy.


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