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Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liner

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Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liner

3.53stars out of 5 ( 15 )
CAD 0.00 - 261.12
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Product features:

Put Nature firmly in its place The rugged and sporty WeatherBeater Floor Liners perfectly conform to the contours of your ride and offer unbeatable carpet protection for whatever nature hurls at you

Your trunk or cargo area faces all kinds of hazards, whether you're transporting groceries, firewood, or the family dog These hazards quickly stain and wear out your factory flooring But with the Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liner, your floors get a strong shield of protection against stains, tears, and spills

Husky WeatherBeater Cargo Liners feature a unique design that sets them apart from the Husky line They feature unique smart grooves and high side walls that wrangle in mud and liquids to keep spills and messes contained and away from your factory floors Husky Liners WeatherBeaters are made from a durable rubberized thermoplastic that resists everything from impacts and scrapes to mud and battery acid

  • Form with Efficient Functionality: The FormFit Design process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of your specific ride. How? Well, the innovative crafters at Husky LIners use lasers and computers to precisely measure each individual make and model’s floorboards to create the perfect fit.
  • The Edge: The patented FormFit Edge is a raised ridge that runs along the door jam, protecting your ride from all manner of mess.
  • Put Your Liner on Lockdown: The exclusive Stay-Put Cleats help keep your liners from shifting around underfoot like lesser liners.
  • Easy Installation: The WeatherBeater is easy to install, remove and clean. Just yank, dump, spray and repeat.
  • Touch to Beat: The WeatherBeater premium liner materials are sporty and rugged. It can stand up to abuse like no other. Go ahead and open up a can of lemon whoop-ass on the thing, it can take it.

Husky Liners  Warranty Details:

  •  Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


  Share A Review!  | Total Rating: 15

Caroline  P. (Verified)

I bought it for my Mazda CX-5. ...

I bought it for my Mazda CX-5. I absolutely HATE IT and I am very mad about the product quality. I had other Husky products before that I really liked. However, those are pure garbage. It doesn't fit well and the lip doesn't stay flat. The holes to cut to install a net is not aligned properly. If I could have returned it I would and I would get a better product. I am VERY disatisfied with the product. Very bad and poor quality.

Les Coteaux, QC    4/9/2019 9:47:57 AM

CECIL  R. (Verified)

Made the mistake of not puttin ...

Made the mistake of not putting one of these in my last suv. This time installed when brand new. I have one minor quibble. The liner abuts to the bottom hooks for the cargo net causing liner to bend at both points. I do not want to cut it so will live with it, I guess.

Windsor, ON    7/25/2017 3:33:20 PM

Danny  N. (Verified)

Very fast in shipping,a little ...

Very fast in shipping,a little bit thin but useable, send me the wrong product. If it fits all five stars.

Cambridge, ON    7/24/2017 9:40:28 AM

Omar  C. (Verified)

Great product. Kinda ex ...

Great product. Kinda expensive but they are worth it on the long run. Your trunk/floor will look new when you are selling your car/suv.

Scarborough, ON    7/16/2017 12:04:00 PM

sebastien  b. (Verified)

Bought for Santa fe sport 2013 ...

Bought for Santa fe sport 2013. Fits well but not perfectly. Would have liked to have some kind of studs beneath it to avoid any movement of the liner (with weight on it, it wont move though). The design on the upper sude is nice as it helps to slip things on it when you put em in (from back to front) and things wont move from left to right.

Québec, QC    5/11/2016 10:02:20 AM

Kris  R. (Verified)

Fit is very nice, material is ...

Fit is very nice, material is of decent quality. I like the deep well design vs the liner I had in the cargo area previously. It's pliable enough that I can remove and fold it for when I use my 3rd row.

Calgary, AB    2/4/2016 1:05:02 PM

Larry  G. (Verified)

This liner is a lot thinner th ...

This liner is a lot thinner than expected. It is also about 3 inches short of reaching the sides of the trunk. It is not worth my time or costs to send it back.

Pefferlaw, ON    1/29/2016 9:40:49 AM

Felix  Y. (Verified)

Great product and it fits perf ...

Great product and it fits perfectly in my 2010 4Runner cargo area. Only problem is I expected little 'nibs' (as per the product description) on the underside to prevent the liner from sliding. The surface is a tad more slippery than my OEM plastic cargo liner, but I like the raised lip on this one to contain any liquid spills and such. Overall, I like this product and am sure it'll last for the life of my truck.

Burnaby, BC    1/28/2016 3:29:33 PM

Denis  M. (Verified)

fast shipping ...

fast shipping

Orleans, ON    1/21/2016 7:56:15 PM

Paul  G. (Verified)

Great service and staff. ...

Great service and staff. PG

Dartmouth, NS    9/23/2015 1:21:38 PM