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Performance Accessories

Performance accessories like throttle body spacers and wheel spacers are the unseen and unsung heroes of the car and truck accessories world. Throttle body spacers, like those manufactured by aFe Power and Volant gives your vehicle a much-appreciated boost by improving the air/fuel ratio used in the combustion cycle.

Wheel spacers, for the most part, provide a host of benefits to your vehicle including clearance, appearance, handling, and can even help correct offset wheels.

Shop with confidence knowing that at, you’ll always be able to find the truck accessories you need at the lowest prices anywhere in Canada! Additionally, you’ll never pay custom or duty fees on your orders and shipping is always free.

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What do throttle body spacers do?

One way to improve engine performance through airflow is by installing a throttle body booster. This component is installed between the throttle body and the intake manifold and is designed to generate turbulence in the air drawn in by the intake system. This turbulence essentially “atomizes” the fuel as it comes into contact with the air, increasing the efficiency of combustion.

What do wheel spacers do?

There are many benefits to investing in some car wheel spacers or truck wheel spacers, namely:

Correction - If you’ve ever purchased a set of wheels that didn’t have the correct offset for your vehicle, you know this can be a problem. The offset at times may be too high, which can result in the wheels sitting too far inward. Aside from being unpleasant to look at, an incorrectly set tire can rub the inside wheel well, or against suspension components. A wheel spacer pushes the wheel out and 'corrects' the offset.

Clearance – If you’ve been interested in a big, aftermarket brake kit, you will have noticed that most wheels just aren’t compatible with them, largely due to the fact that the spoke of most wheels will come into contact with the caliper. Installing a wheel spacer pushes the wheel away from the brake components.

Appearance and Handling – Pushing the wheels further out gives your car a much more aggressive appearance. Additionally, wider set wheels provide improved handling around corners.

Performance Accessories Canada

As an authorized retailer, we’re proud to offer full manufacturer’s warranties on all the performance accessories we sell. always has the truck accessories you need to help your truck perform and look its best.

Remember Canada, not all truck accessories are created equal. Don’t be fooled by imposters; our throttle body spacers and wheel spacers have all been designed, tested, and manufactured with Canadian weather conditions in mind; and if they can hold their own against a Canadian winter, they can hold their own anywhere.

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