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Raybestos Advanced Technology Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

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Less Noise, Dust And Fade, Increased Stopping Power. Orbital Staked And Spring Lock Attached Shims - Shims Stay In Proper
Position, Application Specific Designs For NVH Control
Confident Pedal Feel From The First Stop
Nitrile-Polymer Coated Hardware - Reserved For Advanced Technology, Less Noise And Increased Service Life
Integral Electronic Wear Sensor - Perfect Match To OE Design
Stamped Or Shaved Backing Plate - Permits Proper Movement, Reduced Noise, Wear And Pulsation
Steel Plate Mechanical Attachment - Unmatched Sheer Strength, Reduces Edge Lift And Prevents Rust Jacking
Shims, Slots And Chamfers Match OE Design - Reduce Noise, Vibration And Harshness, Facilitate Temperature Stability Experience the ultimate brake pad upgrade. Raybestos Advanced Technology disc brake pads utilize top quality formulations to defeat noise, dust and brake fade while delivering increased stopping power. Enjoy confident pedal feel from the very first stop.

Shop Raybestos Brakes In Canada

Raybestos produces OE-level performance brake parts. Their products are dependable and safe, that’s why they are a global leader in the automotive aftermarket.

Raybestos offers different grades and levels of brake pads, depending on how durable you need them to be and how much you want to spend. Their Premium Enhanced hybrid technology disc brake pads offer the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one pad. They are formulated for long life, less noise, low-dust braking, better wear, and durability. Perfect for drivers that look for unprecedented braking control and unrivaled stopping power. If you are an everyday driver looking for low noise, quiet ride, and long wear, take a look at the Premium Raybestos® Element3™ PG™ Professional Grade™ brake pads.

They are available in ceramic or semi-metallic. Raybestos mid-grade Reliant™ brake pads friction line is great for everyday use for cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. Available in ceramic/ semi-metallic. If you are looking to replace your old vehicle’s brake, Raybestos® Service Grade™ Brake Pads will be perfect for you. They are affordable and durable. Also available in ceramic/ semi-metallic. Raybestos also have a specialty line for Truck & Medium Duty, Sports Performance and European. The slots and chambers on Raybestos brake pads friction match OE design, which allows braking gasses to escape and therefore will reduce noise, vibration and harshness. also offer Raybestos Brake drum for truck, police, taxi, and fleet-type vehicles that require serve duty performance. Designed to match OE form, fit and function, consistent with ISO/TS16949 quality system standards.

Brakes are just as important as your engines. Brake pads wear down over time. You should have your car inspected by a mechanic regularly. Do not ignore the warning signs that your pads may need replacement. The common signs are screeching, grinding or squealing sounds, a longer stopping distance required, and a lower brake pedal that sits closer to the floor. Check out Raybestos Brake Pads on today!

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