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eamlessly get in and out of your vehicle by installing a set of side steps on your rig. Truck side step bars and running boards are more than just a decoration but can be the most functional part of your vehicle. Your kids and grandparents will certainly appreciate the helpful step that side steps provide. Whether you drive a truck or SUV this is an accessory all Canadians should get for their vehicles and on our virtual shelves you can browse through our vast selection of styles and finishes to determine which would look best on your car.


A secure side step bar is extremely convenient and can prevent any injuries that may happen when you slip trying to get into your lifted truck cabin on a heavy snow day. Our steps are made by superior quality brands like:

  • Westin automotive
  • U-Guard Automotive,
  • N-FAB
  • GoRhino
  • Aries Automotive
  • Deezee
  • Romik

The construction of these side steps are made from premium materials, the latest designs, and the most modern manufacturing techniques to ensure reliability, durability and long lasting functionality.


Most side step bars are made from rugged aluminum and stainless steel that get rusty and are rotted away prematurely, becoming unusable after a few years. However the ones we carry are powder coated to combat any type of corrosion. The boards and steps you find in our collection are also easily installed without the need to modify your vehicle. With a wide range of styles to suit every taste and budget, our sophisticated side steps come in universal and custom fitments in a variety of colours and finishes.


If you are not satisfied with the existing factory steps on your vehicle or have an older truck or SUV, you can easily find affordable steps at that will compliment your riding style.