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    Shop Snow Plows In Canada


    Winter in North America is a struggle in itself. While snow covered trees offer a delightful view, the same snow on streets and driveways cause a lot of inconvenience. Various methods are employed for snow removal. Use of snow plows is one popular method that has evolved over the years. With the advent of effective plow designs and new materials, large scale snow shoveling has become a matter of minutes. To understand snow plows better, it's important to know what they're made of.

    Parts of a snow plow

    MOLDBOARD: It's the main body of the plough and it's made of steel, stainless steel, or polyethylene. While steel and stainless steel moldboards are lighter after installation than polyethylene ones, they're prone to wear and tear. Polyethylene boards can withstand extreme cold temperatures and are immune to long term wear and tear.

    CUTTING EDGE: It's the portion of the plow that cuts through ice/snow. It's typically made of steel, carbide, or a combination of both. It's connected to moldboard with the help of ‘Frog’.

    SHOE: It's the additional cutting edge mounted at the end of moldboard to safeguard plow from curbs and gutters.

    Types of snow plows depending on the site of attachment

    Front End PlowIt's the most basic and commonly used snow plow. It's mounted on the front end of the snow plow truck. Front end plows may be fixed, reversible, V-Plows, or high speed plows.

    Wing PlowsWind plows are mounted on the sides of plow vehicles and are commonly used in conjunction with front plows. It pushes the snow sideways to create a wider snow-free path.

    Underbody PlowsUnderbody plows are mounted behind the front wheels. It removes snow by exerting a downward pressure. It's suitable for use in deeper snow covers.

    Classification based on lift systems

    Basically there are two types of snow plows depending upon the lift system:

    • Electric Plow
    • Hydraulic Plow

    Out of the two, hydraulic plow is considered more reliable. However, electric snow plows by reputed manufacturers can perform equally well. Hydraulic snow plows are further of two types- chain hydraulic lift system and direct hydraulic lift system. Both perform equally well in similar conditions. Whether you’re buying snow plow for personal or commercial use, there’s a wide range to choose from. Warn, DK2, Meyer, and Snowbear are the popular North American brands of snow plows, available for lowest prices at Parts Engine. Apart from great deals on high quality products, Parts Engine also offers free shipping across Canada.