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partsengine canada comparison guide edge performance tuners programmers

PartsEngine Canada Performance Tuner Comparison Guide:

A Close Up on Edge Performance Tuners

Get an edge on the competition with performance electronics engineered by Edge Products at Parts Engine Canada! User control and unique style set these performance tuners apart from others. Edge has been revolutionizing the tuning industry with its multiple engine parameter displays as well as associated safety features. Edge products have been tried and tested in dyno competitions, monster truck mashes, off-road events, sled pulls, and more. Edge Products Performance Tuners and Chips have been able to take these experiences to make the perfect performance tuners for your vehicle.

Interested in what Edge has to offer? Get a better idea of their products and what they have to offer:

Edge Evolution CS / CTS Programmer:

partsengine canada edge evolution cs cts programmer performance tuner

The Edge Evolution CS / CTS Programmer serves as a multi-function programmer that give you the ability to control your power levels, diagnostic trouble codes, and gauges for optimal mileage, towing, and performance. The Evolution programmers have scrolling screen buttons meant to make monitoring and displaying parameters easy. View them under any amount of background light with the light sensitivity meter. The Evolution CS and CTS also gives drivers the capability to analyze and clear trouble codes, saving you time, money, and a trip to the technician.

The main differences between the Evolution CS and Evolution CTS are targeted in its physical features. The Evolution CTS has a larger, 4.3 inch colour screen while the Evolution CS has a 2.4 inch screen. The CTS also has touch screen functionality that the CS does not. Despite these small upgrades, both are equally designed to give your vehicle an edge in performance.

Edge Evo HT Programmer:

partsengine canada edge evo evolution ht programmer performance tuner

A more handheld version of the Evolution CS/CTS, the Edge Evo HT packs a punch in the performance tuner market. Fine tune your shift points, rev limiter, speed limiter, and fan temperature. Scan for trouble codes with the diagnostic scanner. Choose from a selection of pre-programmed tunes that increase your horsepower by 50 for gas vehicles and 150 for diesel vehicles. The Evo HT is most suitable for drivers that feel the need for speed, are towing addicts, and want to get the most out of their fuel.

To keep on giving you the edge on the roads, the Evo HT programmer tuner can be connected to the internet for the latest updates. Access these updates for new tunes to fulfill your performance needs.

The Edge Evolution CS / CTS Programmers are backed with a one year warranty, but Evo HT owners can expect to get more with a two year warranty.

Please do not forget to also read the reviews from our Parts Engine customers. Those who have purchased Edge Performance Tuners, Programmers and Chips can give you valuable information as well as insight on these products. Edge Products have been committed to getting you ahead by providing products and service beyond your expectations. Evaluate your options and see what Edge Performance Tuner, Programmer, or Chip is the right one for you!

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