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SCT Performance Tuners's Performance Tuner Guide's Performance Tuner Guide

⎯A Close Up On SCT Performance Tuners

Not only are SCT employees, engineers, managers and sales people. They are hardcore automotive enthusiasts you can count on to deliver a top quality performance tuner to enhance your vehicle's performance. They are committed to their slogan: "More Power! Less Fuel!" Need they say more? What sets them apart from many other leading performance tuner brands is their vision to create calibrations and tuning products the second a vehicle is released. SCT is one of the top brands with the most up to date and widely available SKUs per brand. What drivers need, SCT will have. And what SCT has, Parts Engine will carry, Canada!

SCT SF3 Power Flash Programmer

SCT SF3 Power Flash Programmer

In a flash, the SCT SF3 Power Flash Programmer gets your vehicle tuned and ready for increased performance in seconds. The tuner can be quickly installed by plugging directly into the OBD-II port. It comes with a selection of tunes already pre-installed onto the device designed to give you more horsepower, torque, and better fuel economy. If you're particular with your tunes, the SF3 can store up to three custom tunes for GM vehicles and ten custom tunes for Ford vehicles. The SF3 is ideal for those who want results fast, without having to fiddle around with manually tweaking settings.

SCT Livewire TS Performance Programmer Monitor

SCT SF3 Power Flash Programmer

The SCT Livewire TS Performance Programmer Monitor is bound to shock anyone who uses it. The Livewire TS is available for both gas and diesel vehicles. This tuner comes pre-loaded with 10 custom tunes tweaked for performance and mileage. However, users have full control of adjustments they want to make. A full menu of parameters, warnings, and alerts is at your disposal to leverage a perfect combination for your vehicle. Get a handle on the Livewire TS' ability to optimize your vehicle's air/fuel ratio, engine timing, and fuel curves to achieve maximum performance.

A neat feature of the Livewire TS is its built-in performance calculator. Determine power gains and track times in the palm of your hand. The tuner has can diagnose and clear trouble codes within your vehicle's system and can also log and monitor data.

A majority of the vehicle applications compatible with SCT tuners and programmers are from such makes such as Ford models.

Both the SCT SF3 and SCT Livewire TS come with a one year warranty upon purchase.

Please do not forget to also read the reviews from our Parts Engine customers. You will gain their insight and perspectives on the particular SCT programmers, chips and tuners they purchased. If you're looking for a versatile performance tuner for your vehicle, consider grabbing yourself an SCT performance tuner. Review your options today and see which SCT Performance Tuner, Programmer, or Chip is right one for you, Canada!