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corsa faq

Technology & Sound

Q1. What is RSC® Technology?

RSC® or Reflective Sound Cancellation® is our patented technology that uses passive noise cancellation principles to facilitate the elimination of specific low frequency sound waves that cause drone or resonance.

Q2. What is Resonance or Drone?

Drone/resonance is the low frequency sound waves generated by the engine. It is a low frequency, annoying vibration exhibited at cruise, often resulting in headaches and an uncomfortable driving experience.

Q3. What is the difference between Touring, Sport and Xtreme Sound Levels?

Visit our Sounds Page for more detailed information. Not all sound levels are available for all applications.

Q4. Where can I hear what it will sound like on my vehicle?

Explore our Sound Clips page. Recorded sound clips may vary from the actual exhaust note due to the quality of recording equipment and the speakers through which it is played.


Q5. What performance increase will I get?

Performance varies by the vehicle and system chosen. On average, CORSA systems will deliver a 3-5% increase in horsepower. CORSA systems will dramatically increase free-air-flow, allowing your other performance modifications to achieve their full performance potential.

Q6. Will I get improved Gas Mileage?

A free flowing exhaust system opens up your vehicle's exhaust path allowing your vehicle to operating more efficiently. Driving style has a far greater impact on gas mileage than a performance exhaust system.

Q7. Do I need to update my ECU?

No update to the ECU is needed when installing a CORSA Performance exhaust system; although re-tuning of the ECU using an aftermarket programmer or custom tune may yield even greater HP & TQ gains.


Q8. What size pipe do you use?

Our systems are specifically designed for each vehicle make to deliver the best sound with no drone and maximized performance. Larger pipe is not always best and we choose the diameter pipe that best suits a vehicle to maximize the outcome.

Q9. What material do you use?

All CORSA exhaust systems and components are made from premium grade stainless steel to maintain its lasting performance and appearance for the life of the vehicle.


Q10. Can I install the CORSA system myself? How long will it take?

CORSA systems are designed for ease of installation, but it depends on the vehicle and your mechanical aptitude. Having a lift to raise the car and a friend to help handle the larger components is highly recommended. Typical install times range from 1-2 hours.

Q11. Who can install my CORSA for me?

Most mechanics are qualified to install your CORSA product for you. Check their qualifications and give them a call inquiring about the installation prior to getting it done.

Q12. Do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle to install the product?

Most systems do not require any physical modifications to your vehicle. Carefully read the full installation instructions specific to your system. Installation instructions can be downloaded from the "Install/Warranty" section on a product's page.

Q13. Can I weld the system onto my car?

Welding is not an approved method of installation and will prevent you from making adjustments to the system and tip alignment. Welding will void your CORSA Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Q14. Do I need to cut anything during installation?

In most cases, no, but some of our kits require 1-2 simple cuts to help with removal and/or installation.


Q15. What is your warranty?

Corsa Performance offers a limited lifetime warranty on products. Some restrictions apply.


Q16. What is included with each system?

Everything needed to complete the installation is included. Each system includes all of the necessary instructions and information for installation.

Q17. What is a "Cross-Over Style" X-Pipe and what does it do?

An X-Pipe allows the exhaust to flow from both sides of the engine to mix and balance out; creating an improved flow and a more pleasing exhaust note. In some cases, the blending of the exhaust can help accelerate the exhaust gases enough to improve horse power.

Q18. Will I get a check engine light?

CORSA products are developed to work with the vehicle's stock tune to avoid error codes. In rare instances, a Check Engine Light may occur following installation as we cannot test every vehicle, in every environment, under every possible driving condition. If a Check Engine Light should occur, please call customer service at 1-800-486-0999.

Corsa Intake FAQ - Performance

Q19. How does an intake increase performance?

CORSA intakes allow the engine to breathe at its highest capacity permitted by maximizing the air in-take and output of each revolution.

Q20. How will a CORSA Intake affect my vehicle's fuel economy?

CORSA intakes make it easier for the engine to breathe, which should result in improved mileage. Driving style has a far greater impact on gas mileage than an air intake.

Corsa Intake FAQ - Emissions

Q21. Are emissions components affected with the installation of a CORSA Intake?

CORSA Intakes are designed to work in conjunction with all stock emissions components. Search your product for specific CARB/Emission status.

Q22. Will an oiled filter harm my MAF sensor?

Filters that receive an appropriate amount of oil will not harm your MAF sensor. When servicing the filter, it is important to use the oil very sparingly. More oil is not better and over oiling can cause problems.

Corsa Intake FAQ - Product Care

Q23. How do I clean the filter?

Cotton gauze pleated filters should be cleaned with Air Intake cleaning kits available at your local auto parts stores.

Q24. How often does the filter need to be cleaned?

Cotton gauze filters should be cleaned approximately twice a year or every 10,000 miles. If you experience a sudden decrease in mileage or engine performance, the filter will need to be cleaned. Replacement filters are also available.

Q25. Can I use anything other than a standard Air Intake Cleaning Kit?

It is highly recommended you use intake cleaning kits from your local auto store for best results. Petroleum based products will soften and destroy sealing edges.

Q26. What warranty does the product carry?

All CORSA air intakes carry a 1-Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Excludes filters.

Corsa Intake FAQ - Miscellaneous

Q27. Will installation of a CORSA intake cause a Check Engine Light (CEL)?

CORSA intakes are tested to ensure they perform within the vehicle's stock parameters and should not cause a check engine light. If a problem occurs calls Tech Service at 440-891-0999.

Q28. Can I damage my engine by sucking in water with an intake?

CORSA intake systems are optimized to maximize airflow and minimize water intake. Water inhalation is not possible unless the entire air inlet is submerged (normally requiring 18 inches or more of water).

Q29. Do CORSA intake filters come pre-oiled?

All Cotton gauze filters come pre-oiled. After cleaning the filter, you will need to re-oil it.

Q30. How is the carbon fiber air intake manufactured?

CORSA carbon fiber intakes are manufactured using techniques normally reserved for the aerospace industry. Multiple layers of resin impregnated carbon fabric and proprietary thermal-barrier composite is vacuum bagged and baked for 4 hours in a pressurized autoclave to yield thin, yet exceptionally strong parts. Once removed from the mold, parts then receive multiple coats of clear UV resistant urethane and are polished to a high luster finish.