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partsengine canada comparison guide bully dog performance tuners

PartsEngine Canada Performance Tuner Comparison Guide:

A Close Up on Bully Dog Performance Tuners

Nowadays, many of us are looking for some companionship. But we at Parts Engine asks, what is a better companion than a Bully Dog? Bully Dog is one of the top selling performance chips, tuners and programmers brand in Canada. When installed with the best of the best, you will see and experience a boost in performance, horsepower and torque. They can also improve fuel economy, thus saving drivers money on more important truck or SUV accessories. Parts Engine has you set in the right direction - towards a path of increased power and performance with your friend the Bully Dog.

Here are a few details to get you started and on the track in selecting the right Bully Dog Chips and Bully Dog Tuners:

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner

parts engine canada bully dog performance tuner gt

The Triple Dog Gauge Tuner (GT) combines four functions into one unit: an engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device. Its popularity is largely contributed to its wide feature set. Drivers are able to make changes and improvements to areas such as the RPM/Rev Limiter, transmission, air/fuel ratio, and ignition timing. Another great feature is the Driving Coach, which provides feedback on how to maximize fuel economy. Up to date information such as displaying wasted energy, driving efficiency and trip economy are provided. A monitoring capability is another function from Bully Dog tuners. Drivers can view vehicle parameters such as exhaust gas temperatures, and engine and air intake temperatures, as well as read and remove trouble codes. It also covers a wide range of vehicle applications including tuners for gas trucks, diesel trucks, performance tuners for Hemi models, and tuners for Jeep applications. It is not surprising that Bully Dog is one of the top brands in the industry.

BullyDog Triple Dog GT Gas Gauge Tuner:
+ Shop BullyDog Triple Dog GT Gas Gauge Tuner now
FROM: $424.44 CAD
BullyDog Triple Dog GT Diesel Gauge Tuner:
+ Shop BullyDog Triple Dog GT Diesel Gauge Tuner now
FROM: $631.41 CAD

Bully Dog WatchDog Fuel Economy Monitor

parts engine canada bully dog performance tuner watchdog fuel economy monitor

The Bully Dog WatchDog is a device for drivers who want to improve their fuel economy. They have the Driving Coach feature that monitors your driving habits and provides tips on how to make these improvements. Also, it can provide data for everyday driving and towing, and provide safety warnings based on the vehicle details and parameters. Basically, this device helps drivers to monitor what the vehicle is doing and its performance.

Bully Dog WatchDog Fuel Economy Monitor:
+ Shop Bully Dog WatchDog Fuel Economy Monitor now
FROM: $271.46 CAD

Bully Dog provides a 1 Year Warranty on their Performance Chips and Tuners.

Please do not forget to also read the reviews from our Parts Engine customers. You will gain their insight and perspectives on the particular Bully Dog programmers, Bully Dog performance tuners and chips they purchased. Also, when we say Bully Dog has a bark just as big as their bite, we mean it! Their products perform and stand up to all the features and functions they state. They also offer other products such as the Bully Dog Rapid Flow Cold Air Intakes and Mounting Systems and Gauge Pods. Bully Dog provide these excellent tuners for Dodge Ram trucks, Chevrolet/GMC, Ford trucks, Nissan trucks or Toyota pickup trucks. So make your comparisons today and see which Bully Dog Performance Tuner, Programmer and Chip is the best fit for you!

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