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partsengine canada why your ride needs mud flap flaps

PartsEngine Canada Mud Flaps Guide:

Kicking Up Dirt - Why Your Ride Needs Mud Flaps

You may be asking yourself, why does my truck need mud flaps? Let’s answer that question with another question: Why do you need a bib when eating a Nova Scotia lobster? The truth is things look better when they’re not a complete mess. It’s true for you and it’s certainly true for your truck. Maintaining appearances aside, there are other benefits to installing mud flaps.

The Canadian winter season doesn’t just mean heavy snowfall on our roads. It also means a generous dumping of salt and sand which can translate not only into an awful mess on your vehicle; it can also mean chipping paint and the possibility of corrosion. The good thing here is that mud flaps are a very inexpensive way to protect your vehicle.

In addition to wanting to protect our own vehicles, we all want to be courteous drivers—installing a custom molded or universal mud flap will drastically reduce the amount of water and other vision impairing debris your vehicle kicks up.

Pros and Cons of the Mud Flap


  • Provide protection to your vehicle's doors and quarter panels as well as the undercarriage.
  • Provide a courtesy to other drivers on the road by limiting the amount of debris flung out from under tire.
  • They don’t negatively affect mileage or the aerodynamics (air drag) of the vehicle.
  • They add visual appeal to your vehicle.
  • Cheap and easy to install.


  • If not installed properly, they can fall off. This can be avoided if you take the time to install them correctly and ensure they are properly attached.
  • Choosing the wrong mud flap, especially for low riding vehicles, can cause them to rub against the ground and curve them back—making them look bad and prevent them from doing what they were made to do.

Custom-Fitted VS Universal Mud Flaps. Which ones should I buy?

partsengine canada deezee rubber mud roadsport road sport universal fit mud flap flaps splash guard guards

When we hear the word “custom” it generally refers to the best available product that will best suit our needs. All things being equal, custom products should be purchased over a universal product. That being said, there are quality universal splash guards like the Dee Zee Rubber Mud Flaps or the Powerflow Road Sport Universal Fit Road Guard Splash Guards available on that can certainly get the job done. Universal fitting products are generally a little less expensive than custom molded ones, so if budget is a concern, pick up some universal splash guards.

The real difference between custom and universal mud flaps is that of course, custom fitted mud flaps have been specifically designed for your particular make and model. For some people, that offers a peace of mind that the product is the best that money can buy. In many cases, that piece of mind is worth the additional cost.

Product Profiles: A look at WeatherTech, Husky, and Powerflow Mud Flaps

partsengine canada mud flaps weathertech no-drill custom fit

WeatherTech Mud Flaps

  • QuickTurn™ Hardened Stainless Steel Fastening System
  • Literally "Mounts-In-Minutes™" Without Removing The Wheel
  • Engineered Specifically For Each Application
  • No Need For Wheel/Tire Removal In Most Applications
  • Molded From An OE Approved Thermoplastic Resin
  • The WeatherTech(R) MudFlap No Drill DigitalFit™ Will Offer Undeniable Vehicle Protection
  • No Drilling Through Steel Fender, Preventing Rust And Most Importantly Without The Need For Drilling Into The Vehicles Fragile Painted Surface
WeatherTech Mud Flaps:
+ Shop WeatherTech Mud Flaps now
FROM: $49.95 CAD
partsengine canada mud flaps husky liners custom fit

Husky Liners Custom Mud Guards

  • Visually, they look like they were made for your vehicle.
  • Longer and wider design to maximize the amount of water, mud and other road debris caught by the flap.
  • Made from a durable, impact-resistant thermoplastic that will stand the test of time.
  • Available in a paintable matte finish, allowing further customizability and increasing the visual appeal of your vehicle.
partsengine canada mud flaps powerflow custom fit

RoadSport Universal Fit RoadGuard Splash Guards

  • Offset outer edge for an O.E. contoured appearance
  • Rolled edges for increased lateral strength, prevents warping
  • O.E. approved material for a durable long lasting finish
  • Engineered to fit chrome emblems to create a unique custom look
  • Universal fit for any application
  • Guaranteed for life not to break
RoadSport Universal Fit RoadGuard Splash Guards:
+ Shop RoadSport Universal Fit RoadGuard Splash Guards now
FROM: $19.38 CAD
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