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Volant Vortice Throttle Body Spacer

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Vortice throttle-body spacers are designed to provide additional performance with your factory or Volants Cool Air Intake system. Manufactured from glass-filled Nylon composite, the Vortice spacers are incredibly strong, yet lightweight and install behind your vehicles throttle body to promote quicker throttle response and in most applications, provide a slight improvement in fuel efficiency.

Shop Volant Performance Cold Air-Intakes In Canada

Want to replace the traditional thermostat air-intake with the efficient technology-based cold air-intake?

Volant is the simple solution to your query! Offering world-class cold-air intakes, Volant is a prestigious brand which employs multi-dimensions of product testing to cater you simply the best. The quality mark of Volant is simply stated with its legacy built over the years in manufacturing efficient car accessories like exhausts, filters, air intakes and snorkels etc. to enhance the vehicle performance.

How cold air-intake works?

The cold air intake asserts to increase the overall performance of your vehicle. The reason for the cold air intake winning an edge over the conventional air-intakes is that it keeps the air filters out of the engine to suck the cold air which has the propensity to hold the greater oxygen levels. Infusing more oxygen into the cylinder will cause the fuel to burn to its maximum potential, resultant to which the increased horsepower and torque are generated. The combustion process is optimized with the help of a cold-air intake.

Benefits of cold air intake:

  1. Increased Horsepower: The cold air is dense where the oxygen molecules are tightly packed and are greater in number as compare to the warm air. The relatively increased amount of oxygen in the cold air, when infused in the cylinders, helps in the effective combustion process leading to the increased horsepower in the same amount of fuel.
  2. Reusable Filters: The majority of cold-air intake encompasses the reusable filters which do require the timely cleaning but need not be replaced unlike regular air- intakes. In the case of filters installed in the cold-air intake, the efficiency, and the pocket-friendly trait is promised which curtails the extra spending on filters, in fact, a special cleaner does the trick.
  3. Quick Installation: TOne of the greatest advantages of cold-air intake is its quick and easy installation.
  4. Improved Airflow: The larger pipes with the least bends sip in the cold air and improve the air inflow enormously. In other words, the mechanism of cold-air intake lets the engine breathe freely without any interruption. The need to install a separate box around the filter is eliminated.
  5. Reasonable add-on: Replacing a regular air intake with cold air intake would not cost you much but the benefits drawn are innumerable.

Special features of Volant cold-air intake:

Volant cold air-intake is undeniably the best pick due to its custom formed air-duct meant to gulp the coolest of air. The enclosed filter box prevents the heating in almost toughest of scenarios. A total stainless-steel construct with the silicon connections extends a durable and long-lasting experience.

Quality of Volant coupled with sales prowess of Partsengine, the leading auto parts seller in Canada becomes an irresistible package. All Volant products are available at PartEngine with Free shipping across Canada.


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