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Warn ATV Dual Battery Control Kit - PartsEngine Canada

Warn ATV Dual Battery Control Kit

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  Warn ATV Dual Battery Control Kit SKU Listing / Specs

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SKU: 77977
CAD$ 396.75

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Dual Battery Control Kit

  Universal Fit Product.


Lets you use two batteries. Saves the main battery for essential functions. Gives maximum power during winch power operations. For use with 12 volt accessories. Minimizes charging system overload. Easy to install. Includes all necessary hardware.

Shop Warn Winch & Accessories In Canada

There’s one advice you’ll hear from every off-road enthusiast- don’t ever get stuck. When you’re off-roading, you’re practically in the middle of nowhere. You should, therefore, be well equipped for every challenge thrown your way.

Winches are an important part of your off-road preparation. Your ride can get stuck in a deep ditch or a pit full of quicksand while you’re on the path less traveled. In that case, winches are exceptionally helpful in pulling your car out of the mud. There are two main types of winches- electric and hydraulic. Even though hydraulic winches are considered to be of superior power and efficiency, electric winches are more popular among off-roaders.

When it comes to electric winches, Warn is the most popular American brand that manufactures high-grade winches with high pull rating and maximum reliability.

Benefits of electric winches over hydraulic winches

  1. Less bulky and more convenient to carry.
  2. They’re easy to install.
  3. They require minimum maintenance.
  4. They’re more cost-effective as compared with hydraulic winches.
  5. Electric winches are structurally very simple and easy to operate, as opposed to the complex design of a hydraulic winch.
  6. Electric winch draws power from a car battery and doesn’t need additional equipment.

How to choose the right electric winch?

It’s important to make the right choice when it comes to winches. Before you buy a winch, either electric or hydraulic, you must know the weight of the vehicle on which it’ll be installed. Pull rating of winch should exceed the vehicle weight by 50%. That means for a jeep weighing 9,000 lbs. you should buy a winch with a pull rating of 13,500 lbs.

While selecting the right electric winch, take into consideration the type of motor used in an electric winch. Electric winches come with two types of motors: series wound and a permanent magnet. Cheap electric winches use permanent magnet motors. However, permanent magnets are not reliable and may fail in cold weather. They need appropriate cooling time in the absence of which they can easily overheat.

High-quality electric winches utilize series wound motors. They last longer and produce ample energy for traction. You just have to make sure that your car battery is fully charged because that’s the main power source of an electric winch. It also requires your truck to be running at the time of pulling to avoid depleting your car battery.

What makes Warn electric winches a cut above the rest?

Warn has built a brand name through years of innovation and production of high-quality electric winches and accessories. Apart from winches, it also manufactures winching gloves, cables, and all the components of winch connecting system.

Parts Engine offers the latest Warn electric winches with highest pull rating at lowest price, along with free shipping anywhere in Canada. Find the one that’s right for you over here.


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