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Westin Dual Battery System

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With all of the demands put on the battery of a serious off-road vehicle an auxiliary battery is a sensible accessory. To run that battery you will need one of these Westin T-Max dual battery current control systems. They are designed to automatically link two batteries for charging but isolate them when discharging. The systems also have a manual override feature and built-in safety protection. The Westin T-Max dual battery current control systems include a solenoid a display unit all necessary wiring and connectors and full installation instructions.

Westin - The Leading Manufacturer of On-road and Off-road accessories

Westin is a well renowned manufacturer of aftermarket automotive components. Even though it manufactures exterior, interior, and towing equipment, it's well known for its electric winches.

Westin sets the benchmark when it comes to electric winches with a high pull rating. It's a favorite among off road enthusiasts in Canada and all round the globe.

Electric winches have always been pinned against hydraulic winches in terms of pull rating and reliability. Electric winches offer the following benefits over hydraulic winches:

  1. BETTER CONTROL: Hydraulic winches are known to be packed with enormous power. However, a light job requires much less power than what's delivered by hydraulic ones. Power of hydraulic winches may go out of hand in case you're looking for light traction. Electric winches offer more controlled traction that is ideal for small to medium level pulling.

  2. EASY INSTALLATION: It's one of the main advantages of an electric winch. The fact that it draws power from car battery, there's no need to install additional power source as in the case of hydraulic winches.

  3. NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Hydraulic winch needs a hydraulic pump to be installed. On the contrary, electric winch doesn't require any additional power component.

  4. AFFORDABLE: Electric winches are more pocket friendly as compared to hydraulic winches. In the absence of special equipment, electric winch consists of a basic battery powered pull apparatus.

Popular off road electric winches by Westin include its waterproof and integrated winches. Parts Engine offers three versatile Westin winches:

  1. Westin Off-road Series Integrated Winches: It's available in two variants; the Off-road 10.0 S Winch with a single-rated synthetic pull line up to 10,000 lbs and Off-road 12.0 S Winch with a single-rated steel pull line up to 12,000 lbs.

  2. Westin Off-road Series 9500 lb Waterproof Winch: It includes Westin Off-road 9.5 and 9.5 S winches with single rated steel or synthetic pull lines up to 9500 lbs.

  3. Westin Off-road Series 12,500 lb Waterproof Winch: These powerful electric winches include Off-road 12.5 and Off-road 12.5 S winches with single-rated steel or synthetic pull lines up to 12,500 lbs.

The above mentioned winches are best used with Westin accessories such as winch extension strap, synthetic rope, steel rope, snatch strap, tree trunk protector, tow strap, winch mounting front bumpers, and winch tray.

Apart from winch and winch accessories, Westin also manufactures high quality exterior and interior automotive components such as wind deflectors, bug and stone shields, side step bars, tailgate and bed rail caps, cargo liners, and cowl scoop air intake.:

Parts Engine deals in a wide range of Westin products, especially the most sought after electric winches, at lowest prices. We also offer free shipping across Canada as an added advantage.


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