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Rubicon Express Products

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When traditional OEM drive shafts became unsatisfactory as its inability to handle heat and pressure caused joint failure and breakage, Rubicon Express developed their universal constant velocity style drive shafts to rectify this problem for many dedicated Canadian off-roaders. Now drivers are able to install any lift kit they fancy without the wheels and frame of their vehicles being pushed apart, provoking the vehicle joints from binding and becoming difficult to turn. All mounting points highlight Rubicon’s patented super-flex joints and ball joints that keep your wheels planted evenly against any flat or angled surface for the greatest level of pivot in all directions.


Founded in 1996 in Sacramento, Rubicon Express has dedicated their success to their humble beginnings and passion for excellence providing their valued customers with the highest quality suspension components. From moderate visual lifts to extreme lifts for maximum wheel articulation, At, you can find a wide range of Rubicon express lift kits and individual components at the greatest value possible. Every component is real world tested ensuring the highest quality function, comfort and safety for all jeep enthusiasts.

  • Rubicon Express Suspension Lift Kit with Shocks
  • Rubicon Express Super-Ride Suspension Lift Kit
  • Rubicon Express Leaf Spring
  • Rubicon Express Coil Spring