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Shop Extang Truck Bed Covers in Canada

Truck Bed/Tonneau Covers protect truck beds from external damage. Whether your truck is sitting idle in the garage or you're driving on a rather windy day, you need not worry about dust accumulation over truck bed with tonneau covers.

When it comes to truck tonneau covers, Extang is the market leader, disputed by only a few when it comes to quality and affordability. Extang holds an experience of more than 3 decades in manufacturing innovative automotive products that are far superior than their industry counterparts.

Talking of truck bed covers, many variants exist ranging from folding to hinged. Extang mainly deals in two types of truck tonneau covers namely folding and roll up tonneau covers.


Folding tonneau covers are known to be tough and easy to operate. They may be bi-fold or tri-fold and are manufactured from different material combinations.
Benefits of investing in Extang Folding Tonneau Covers can be summed up as:

  1. ? Installation and removal is a one man job.

  2. ? Available in softcover or hardcover variants as per the protection you're seeking for your truck.

  3. ? Easily customizable, folding tonneau covers have multiple applications. Various models such as tool box variants add to it's versatility.

  4. ? Easily accommodate other truck bed accessories like tailgate and bed rail caps, lights, etc.

Folding Tonneau Covers by Extang

  1. ? Trifecta Tonneau Cover.

  2. ? Trifecta Signature Tonneau Cover.

  3. ? Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau Cover.

  4. ? Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau Cover.

  5. ? Trifecta 2.0 Signature Tonneau Cover.

  6. ? Trifecta 2.0 Tool Box Tonneau Cover.

  7. ? eMax Tonneau Cover.

  8. ? EnCore Tonneau Cover.

  9. ? Solid Fold 2.0 Tool Box Tonneau Cover.


Roll up tonneau covers by Extang are in the league of their own. There are different types of roll up tonneau covers like ‘seal and peel’ and tension roll up covers. Roll up bed covers have their own set of advantages such as:

  1. ? Roll Up Tonneau Covers by Extang provide an affordable option as compared to Folding Tonneau Covers.

  2. ? You gain complete access to truck bed as it takes fairly less space when completely open.

  3. ? Easy installation and removal by using a no drill clamp system attached to bed rails.

  4. ? You can choose the backing as per the requirement. For example, metal backing offers more durability while leather/vinyl backing is a lightweight and stylish option.

  5. ? It's less intrusive. When fully open, it'll not mess with your rear view vision.

Roll Up tonneau covers by Extang

  1. ? BlackMax Tonneau Cover.

  2. ? Classic Platinum Tonneau Cover.

  3. ? Classic Platinum Tool Box Tonneau Cover.

  4. ? Revolution Tonneau Cover (Tension Roll Up)

  5. ? Tuff Tonno Tonneau Cover (Seal and Peel Roll Up)

  6. ? Express Tonneau Cover

  7. ? Express Tool Box Tonneau Cover

Extang utilizes vinyl for manufacturing bed covers which is an affordable and lightweight option. Find the highest quality and most popular Extang Truck Bed Covers at Parts Engine, a trusted dealership that deals in choicest automotive components that offers free shipping across Canada.