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    Shop Bug Deflectors In Canada

    Bug Deflector is the kind of accessory that puts buyers into a dilemma. It's applicability is questioned now and then, and many people think it has more cons than pros. Bug Deflector is an acrylic strip that's installed on the front section of hood. The material and design varies as per the manufacturer. Given the controversy around them, let's discuss their pros and cons in a nutshell.

    Benefits of bug deflectors: Bug Deflectors add to the long lasting beauty of your ride in the following ways

    1. ? Bug Deflectors are designed so as to redirect the flow of incoming air over and above the roof.

    2. ? It creates enough upstream air to prevent bugs from splattering across your windshield.

    3. ? Not just windshield but it also protects your car hood from debris and resulting scratches and minor dents.

    4. ? It improves vision and keeps your mind off the bug problem as you drive.

    5. ? It's cost effective and easy to install.

    However, there are some cons as reported by buyers that we've listed here:

    1. ? However, there are some cons as reported by buyers that we've listed here:

    2. ? As the aerodynamics are compromised, the fuel economy gets affected. People have reported reduced fuel mileage after installing bug deflectors.

    3. ? Many buyers have complained that the bug deflectors they bought didn't perform the very function they were purchased for.

    4. ? Some reported it's just an unnecessary design addition that does more harm than good.

    When we weigh the pros and cons, we can say that bug deflectors are indeed necessary. It not just protects your hood and windshield from scratches in the long run but also ensures your safety while driving. A sudden bug in front of you can alter your focus and visibility. Imagine a whole lot of them on your windshield.

    A scratched windshield also hampers vision, especially in the night time when the light falling on your windshield scatters and impairs nighttime visibility. Bug Deflector is a great way to avoid that situation.

    The important thing is to purchase a quality product that's wind tunnel tested to improve function and reliability.

    Where to find such bug deflectors? Parts Engine is one platform that houses quality interior, exterior, and performance enhancing automotive products. With brands like AVS, Putco, Tough FirmFit, Stampede, Westin, WeatherTech, Undercover, and EGR, you can never go wrong with your purchase.