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Stoptech 126.35058SL | Stoptech Brake Rotors

Stoptech Brake Rotors 126.35058SL[ - ] This is a generic product image.
Sport Slotted Disc Brake Rotor - Front Left
SKU: 126.35058SL
$179.99 CAD Save: $13.76

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Stoptech 126.35058SL Part Number Fitment Notes:
  • -> StopTech Sport Rotor
  • -> Front Left
  • -> 11.81 in. Dia.
  • -> 1.84 in. Height
  • -> Single Unit
Stoptech 126.35058SL Product Features:

Stoptech Brake Rotors

A brake rotor’s primary function is to store and release thermal energy that is generated during the braking process. At first glance, two rotors from different manufacturers may appear to be identical, however, quality and performance cannot be determined by simply comparing the outside dimensions or aesthetics of the discs. Vane design, chemistry, metallurgy, casting methods and machining technique all contribute to the function of the disc once it is placed in service.

StopTech® has the engineering and R&D resources to test rotors on one of three Link brake dynamometers, on street and track vehicles, and in the laboratory. StopTech and Centric Premium brake rotors are designed, engineered, and built to offer significant braking advantages over OEM parts.

Note: Government models (Police, Agency, etc) or Fleet models (Taxi, Services, etc) might have different applications compared to regular models, please consult before purchase.

Stoptech Premium High-Carbon Rotors

Direct replacement discs for your factory brake system

Premium Rotors are blank, 1-piece, direct replacement discs for your factory brake system. These "black" rotors feature a special anti-corrosion e-coating that gives them their distinctive look and name, and are manufactured under QS and ISO quality system standards. Centric® Premium Rotors are particularly desirable in fleet or emergency vehicle applications when an upgrade to StopTech® Sport rotors is not possible.

  •   E-Coat Finish : E-Coating Is A Superior Electro-Statically Applied Finish Designed To Withstand 400 Hours Of Salt Water Exposure Without Rusting

  •  Double Disc Ground Braking Surface: Double Disc Grinding Ensures Parallelism, Eliminates Run Out And Provides Near Perfect Disc Thickness Variation (DTV)

  •  Fully Machined Hats Centric® : Provides Better Rotor Balance And Creates A Cleaner, More Finished Looking Component

  •  Center Split Casting : Accomplished With Center-Split Core Castings That Provide Proper Heat Transfer And Thermal Efficiency

  •  Symmetric Split Core Castings For Increased Strength And Stability

  •  Mill Balancing Ensures Smooth Operation At All Speeds

  •  Limited 90 days Warranty

Stoptech Sport Rotors

Prevent glazing of the pads, add bite and improve wet and dry braking performance

StopTech® recognizes that great brakes need to look as good as they perform. Performance wheels and tires are best complemented with StopTech® Slotted (prefix 126), Cross-Drilled (prefix 128) or Drilled+Slotted (prefix 127) Sport Rotors.

Every StopTech® Sport Rotor is produced from a high quality Centric Parts® blank casting and finished in a durable e-coating for corrosion resistance.

Available in slotted , drilled, or slotted and drilled options (Applications may vary)

  •  Engineered To Look Good Behind The Wheel And Perform At The Same Time - Improve The Initial Bite Of The Brake Pads, And Help Wipe Away The Debris That Forms Between The Pad And The Disc

  •  E-Coated Finish - Designed To Withstand 400 Hours Of Salt Water Exposure Without Rusting

  •  Power Alloy Metallurgy - Exclusive Feature Of Many StopTech® Rotors

  •  Cooling Vane Design - 1-Piece Rotors Have Unique Slot Or Hole Patterns For The Left And Right Sides Of The Vehicle

  •  Limited 6 Month Or 10,000 Miles Warranty

Stoptech Cryogenic Treated Brake Rotors

Tougher than standard rotors

Cryogenic treatment is a one-time stress relief process that involves both cold and heat cycling of the brake rotor. Using a proprietary computer-controlled process over a 24-hour period, the cryo machine gradually cools the rotors down to -300 º F, then gradually brings them up to over +300º F, and finally back to room temperature. This conditioning of the rotor improves its service life, especially in fleet and emergency vehicle applications.

Cryogenic Treated is only available for Sport Rotors applications

Product Specs for Stoptech 126.35058SL
  • Component: Rotors
  • Quantity: 1 Disc Per Order (Confirm the amount before checkout!)
  • Professional Install is Recommended
stoptech - 126.35058SL Fitment Guide
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